Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy provides information on how Jason Fox and Credit One – Smarter Finance manages personal information collected; including personal information collected through this website.

Jason Fox and Credit One – Smarter Finance realises the importance of ensuring that personal information held by the company is treated confidentially and is committed to ensuring that all personal information is only collected, disclosed, used and stored in accordance with the National Privacy Principles set out under the federal Privacy Act 1993.

What is ‘personal information’?

‘Personal Information’ is information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database) whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion

Use and disclosure of personal information

Any personal information that we collect will only be used and disclosed for the purpose for which it has been provided to us.

Personal information may need to be disclosed to external service providers engaged by Jason Fox and Credit One – Smarter Finance in order for those service providers to fulfil their service obligations to the firm.  For example:

  • IT service providers who assist in managing Jason Fox and Credit One – Smarter Finance’s servers and networks may need to access client data in order to maintain the servers and networks;

Where personal information is disclosed to an external party, Jason Fox and Credit One – Smarter Finance will take steps to ensure that the external party treats such information confidentially and in accordance with the federal Privacy Act 1993.

Email Communications

If you have registered through our website to receive email communications from us, we may use your contact details to send you newsletters, marketing emails or invitations to Jason Fox and Credit One – Smarter Finance seminars or events, which may be of interest to you. However, you may at any time opt out of receiving such materials by completing our Online Enquiry Form or Online Application Form. Upon receiving such a request, Jason Fox and Credit One – Smarter Finance will remove your contact details from our distribution lists.

Accessing and Correcting Personal Information

You may request us to provide you with access to personal information we hold about you. We will process all requests for access to personal information in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.  In most cases, we will provide you with access to your personal information. However, we may refuse access in certain situations as listed in the National Privacy Principles. If we refuse to give you access, we will provide you with reasons for our refusal.

If any personal information we hold about you is not accurate, complete or up to date,  please let us know and in most cases, we will use all reasonable efforts to update the information..

Personal information security

Jason Fox and Credit One – Smarter Finance is committed to keeping secure the data you provide to us and we will take all reasonable precautions to protect your personally identifiable information from loss, misuse or alteration.

Changes to our privacy policy

From time to time it may be necessary for us to revise our privacy policy. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time without prior notice.  We will notify you of the changes by posting an updated version of the policy on our website.

Disclaimer , Privacy Disclosure Statement & Consent


We are not financial advisors. Any information provided on this website or via emails is not intended as investment or financial advice. It is merely information based upon our own experiences. The information we present is of a general nature and should merely be used as a place to start your own research and you should conduct your own due diligence.

In accordance and support of CCCFA we will require confirmation of your income and expenditure as listed on the application form.

You should seek professional investment or financial advice before making any decisions.

PRIVACY ACT 1993 DECLARATION: Credit One Limited is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining security of the information you provide to us.  We abide by the laws relating to privacy and safeguarding of information.


You authorise Credit One Limited to send this application to any third party (the Finance Company) and agree that either Credit One Limited or the Finance Company may do the following:

  1. You understand that Credit One Limited Limited/the Finance Company is asking for personal information about you to use Veda Advantage Ltd or Centrix credit report service to credit check you and that Veda or Centrix will give us personal information about you.
  2. You understand that we will give your personal information to Veda or Centrix and they will hold that information and use it to provide their credit reporting service.
  3. You understand that when other Veda or Centrix customers use the credit reporting service, Veda or Centrix may give that information to them.
  4. You understand that we may use Veda’s or Centrix credit reporting services in the future for purposes related to the provision of credit to me. This may include use of Veda or Centrix’s monitoring services to include updates if information about you changes.
  5. You understand that if you default in your payment obligations to us, information about that default may be given to Veda or Centrix and they may give that information about your default to other Veda customers.

Pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993, I authorise Credit One Limited to or the Finance Company to contact Veda Advantage Limited, Centrix Limited, Credit Providers, Finance Companies, my Employer, Landlord, Accountant, Bank, Solicitor or any other source including Government agencies, to obtain, check and exchange (both now and in subsequent applications) the protection and administration of any loan arising out of this application (both now and in the future) and to assist in the enforcement of  any agreement between me and Credit One Limited or the Finance Company.  I understand I have the right to know who is collecting and holding information and the right to have access to it and correct it if it is wrong. 

The contact details for Credit One Limited, Veda Advantage and Centrix are as follows:

Credit One Limited Ltd, PO Box 11798, Ellerslie Auckland 1542.

Phone: 0800 300 500


Veda Advantage Ltd, Private Bag 92156, Auckland.

Phone: 0800 698 332


Centrix, PO Box 62512, Greenlane, Auckland 1546

Phone: 0800 236 874  

[email protected]

I/We confirm that we are no less than 18 years of age and I/We are not an undischarged bankrupt. I/We confirm that we have disclosed any other names that I/We are known by. I/We also confirm that all information I/We provide is accurate, up-to-date, complete, relevant, and not misleading. I/We certify as the Applicant(s) that I/We have read and understood the provisions contained in this Application.